Dec 13th Important: Server Reboot Schedule For B/E-NS65 WHP

This message is to notify you of a pending server reboot on B/E-NS65 WHP that we have scheduled for 12-13-2018 at 8PM eastern time.

This reboot will cause approximately 5 - 10 minutes of downtime.

This reboot will be to finalize the Kernel Care modifications that we have performed on the servers. Thank you,

Nov 28th Standard Package Planned Change (or Removal)

Good Day, We are planning to remove or change our Standard Plan for any future orders starting this 2nd week or last week of December 2018. For our old customers who have purchased our Standard Plan, no need to worry as we will not remove this for you. You will continue to have that plan for continuity unless you decide to cancel the ... Read More »

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