Mar 20th Important! Pending Server Migration P-NY20 HM

SERVER: P-NY20 HM We have scheduled this server to be migrated on 3/23/2019, therefore we are notifying all clients on that server of the pending migration so you can be aware of the changes and be prepared. Why are we migrating that server? We are migrating for several reasons, but most importantly we are migrating because the server P-NY20 ... Read More »

Dec 13th Important: Server Reboot Schedule For B/E-NS65 WHP

This message is to notify you of a pending server reboot on B/E-NS65 WHP that we have scheduled for 12-13-2018 at 8PM eastern time.

This reboot will cause approximately 5 - 10 minutes of downtime.

This reboot will be to finalize the Kernel Care modifications that we have performed on the servers. Thank you,

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